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Secular news reports warn that the days ahead will continue to be tumultuous, contentious and downright dangerous. But would it surprise you to know that many prophetic voices around the world are saying the same thing – that the United States must make a major shift in 2012? Would it alarm you to know they say that this is a “do-or-die” year for the country to be re-established on the course of becoming the “city set on a hill” as envisioned by our founders?

Though the national elections are over, difficult issues and challenging decisions remain. That is why we are asking you to take a stand and decide to do two critical things right now: Pray. Act.

The United States Reformation Prayer Network, a fifty-state network under Generals International, developed this website to serve as a national and state communications platform to allow you, and what we believe will soon be more than a half-million people, to have the necessary strategic targeting coordinates for effective, reforming prayer. In addition, we will provide the intelligence that you, and others, need to put feet to those prayers.


Our Targeted Areas of Focus

USRPN.org began on January 2, 2012. At the same time, we also began FastForward; the first volley of fasting and prayer to shift this nation. The 21-day prayer guide for FastForward can be downloaded for free, here. We are continually adding more components to this initiative with special emphasis on each state’s electoral caucuses and primaries. Of course, a laser-like lock on political events is but a part of the Reformation Prayer Network’s focus and resources. Click here to read about the seven major areas (we refer to them as “mountains”) that we have targeted for effective prayer and focused action.

It's Free

We invite you to sign up now to become a member! Then count on us to provide you current, credible and vetted intelligence that will help you pray and act successfully in this coming season!

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It’s time we all make a stand. Stand for Right!



Matthew Harmon

Originally from the northwest, Matthew began working for Generals International after graduating from CFNI, where he felt the mandate for prophetic intercession ministry. He carries a burden to see the wounds of the world healed through prayer, the prophetic, and working with leadership to ignite true reformation in the world today. Matthew has been fluent in Spanish since the age of 17, has taught piano for eight years, and has ministered in eight different nations.

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Content Editor

Adela Just

Adela has a B.A. in Music from Dallas Baptist University. After five years as a high school English teacher and choir director, she and her husband Jonathan sensed the Lord was shifting them in a new direction. They now serve as ministry leaders with a rapidly growing church plant in Fort Worth, TX and serve as a CARES team through Apartment Life. Adela was connected to Generals as a volunteer editor. She is passionate about worship, prayer, missions and being a mommy to her sweet children.

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