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  • The Reformation Prayer Network is a 50-state network, raising up 500,000 people to reform the United States by prayer and action.

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    Recognizing Abortion as a Crime Against Humanity

    Apr 21   |   Allan Parker

    We know that abortion is a crime against humanity, but the world and international courts of justice would probably fail to recognize this if presented with such a case at this time.

    Stand in the Gap on the National Day of Prayer!

    Apr 18   |   Cindy Jacobs

    America is in desperate need of prayer, particularly in this time of her history, and God is searching for passionate intercessors to stand in the gap on this special day.

    Learning Forgiveness from the Jewish Culture

    Apr 16   |   Galina Kouptsova

    A commitment to a lifestyle of forgiveness is part of our commitment to fellowship with the God of Israel, who is the Judge of all mankind.

    Passover Prayers for the United States: April 14-22

    Apr 15   |   Cindy Jacobs

    We are calling for believers to spend special seasons of prayer for protection for the United States from April 14-22!

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